WBM Version 1.9.16 (season 2015):

This is the latest version of WBM classic. The game is not for sale anymore and you can only activate using your old activation code, you received when you purchased the game.

Download Now!

Important Notice: Uninstall any  previous versions of WBM and delete "MyDocuments/WBM" folder before to install version 1.9.16.

Important Notice2:  WBM will not work with Windows 8.1 (Works with XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Vista). If you want to play with later windows versions you have to upgrade to the new game version World Basketball Manager2.

WBM World Cup 2014 version - Free for all to play!
In order to celebrate the basketball World Cup in Spain, we have created a special mini game that lets you take control of your favourite national team and try to win the Gold! 
The WBM WC 2014 is free for all to play! Just download from here.

WBM Polish Patch

This patch fixes some mistakes in the Polish translation of the game. Just run the program.
Notice that you will have to start a new game in order to see the changes in the translation.
Download the patch


WBM Strategy Guide
This guide will give you information and tips on various aspect of World Basketball Manager. Old and especially new users will find for sure something useful in this guide.
Notice that we recommend to read the user manual included inside the manuals folder of your installation of the game, in order to fully understand and enjoy the game. 

Tools and Modifications:

- WBM Save Importer: This is a utility that lets you transfer your human manager from any save and version of WBM to another. That means you can continue your old career to the new version!!! It will work with saves from any version of WBM.

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