Tech Support & F.A.Q. (Tech Support email: info@wbmgame.com)

Q: What are the hardware requirements for WBM?
A: Windows 8/ Windows 7/XP/Vista
3D card,
500MB free hard disk space

Q: I am using AVG antivirus and I get an error when I run the game.
A: You must disable AVG and run again. Or just make an exception for WBM. Click here to see how.


Q: I get an error: "An object or name was not found.", with no steps to reproduce.
If I run in windowed mode, I just get that pop-up. If I run in full screen, it's just a black screen and this pops up.
A: Seems like you have some problems playing the intro video when the game starts (probably a directshow codec is missing). Try the following:
A: On the Settings screen (the first popup that comes up when you run the game) select the following:
Play intro video = NO
Match Play Video = NO

Q: I play WBM Tycoon Steam version and the game crashes when I enter the match.
A: First disable temporarily windows UAC. (Here is how: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/turn-user-account-control-on-or-off )
Do any one of the following:
Solution 1:
Launch the game from inside steam and not the shortcut on your computer (on the first run from inside steam a .abt file will run in order to register the dll)

Solution 2:
Locate the game folder ("C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\World Basketball Tycoon\dx8vb.dll" or "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\World Basketball Tycoon\dx8vb.dll")
Inside is a file called registerdx8vb.bat.
Right Click the file and select "Run as administrator"

Solution 3:
Download http://www.wbmgame.com/files/registerdx8.zip
Unzip inside the game folder and double click. 
Note that if you are using Vista, Windows7 or Windows 8 you must right click the file and select " and Run as administrator"

Solution 4:
Download http://www.wbmgame.com/files/dllRegistration.zip
Unzip anywere and run it.

Q: I play WBM 2010 Steam version and the game crashes when I enter the match
A: First disable temporarily windows UAC. (Here is how: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/turn-user-account-control-on-or-off )
Download www.wbmgame.com/files/registerdx8.zip
Unzip inside "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\world basketball manager 2010" and double click. Note that if you are using Vista or Windows7 you must right click the file and select
"Run as administrator"

Q: I can't run WBM on Windows 8.1
Α: Actually the problem is not WBM but our lock system.  If you want to play with Windows 8.1 you can play the new version www.wbmtycoon.com

Q: When I run the game I get a black screen and nothing happens
A: Install latest version and when run the game select "Play Intro Videos" > OFF and "Match Play Videos" > OFF


Q: When you say "World Basketball Manager" do you really mean it?
A: Yes we do! The game includes all the international basketball tournaments that exist, and also the more important of the national leagues and cups. It also includes more than 10000 professional basketball players and 1000 managers. If you take into account that basketball is not as widespread as soccer for example, then WBM has managed to achieve its objective more than any other sports management game around.

Q: I have noticed that you have also a Basketball Tycoon game. What are the differences between WBM and WBM Tycoon?
There are many differences between the 2 games and we suggest to take advantage of the bundle offer and purchase both games at a special price. For a detailed list of
differences please read this list: http://www.wbmgame.com/files/Tycoon_vs_WBM.pdf

Q: Besides the fact that it is about basketball, which are the more significant differences between WBM and the other sports management games?
A: As it belongs to the same genre (sports management games), WBM more or less resembles the other games in this category. The elements that make it stand out from the rest are firstly its speed, since the game runs always with full database even at the slower machines (meaning that all the countries and leagues are constantly loaded), and secondly its ease of use even from people that do not know much about basketball or sports management games.

Q: What are the chances to see my country's league incorporated in WBM if it's not already in?
A: If a country's national league is not already included in the game, this means - with very few exceptions - that basketball is not developed in that country. Nevertheless, it is our goal to add to the game as many leagues as it is possible, and in the future we will try to cover at least the whole of Europe. Also WBM includes a tournament editor so that you can easily create new tournaments.

Q: Why I cannot create a new manager younger than 30 years old?
A: First of all, there are very few managers under 30 in professional basketball. Secondly, in WBM we calculate the experience each manager gains in points, which are added each year to one of his attributes. So if a manager started the game at a younger age (say for example 16), he would end up with 14 extra years of accumulated experience. This would not be realistic, as no one could be a professional basketball manager at that age.

Q: How good is the opponent manager's AI during a match?
A: The main problem we encountered during development regarding the intelligence of the opponent manager was not how to make it better but how to make it worse! So the user can expect strong opposition from a computer-controlled manager (always depending of course on the latter's coaching skill).

Q: How can I switch skins?
Download and install the latest version . This is a standard feature after version 1.9.1

Q: Can I set the game to windowed mode so it will always be in windowed mode?
Download and install the latest version . This is a standard feature after version 1.9.1

Q: I have installed patch 1.9.3. and at 4th of June the game crashes.
A: This is a common problem that existed in the early version of patch 1.9.3. and is now fixed. To fix your saves download and run this little program

Q: When I try to run the game I get a pop up saying "Could not load file or assembly :SlimDX..."
A: Download http://www.wbmgame.com/files/wbm2009redist.zip
Extract files and install
1. DirectX
2. vcredist_x86.exe

Q: When I run the game I get an error that says: "Unable to initialize Direct 3D 9.0"
Download and install directX redistributable:

or if you are running Windows 7 or later: