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Beerd leaver is a fantastic game that will work smoothly on your device and you are the best place to download it. Both Android and iOS device users got this game on Dec 22, 2014. People have frequently praised the flawless performance of this Indie category game in their positive remarks on the Steam.

beerd leaver

Beerd leaver Summary

Have you ever wanted to try yourself in the role of a bird-bee? Then this is what you need. Once a small bee gathered nectar and did not notice how the evening came. In addition, the weather began to deteriorate, and it is far from home. Help the bee to get to the house, avoiding terrible predators and terrible weather conditions. You game you will have several lives for which you will be able to set a new record and try to take the small bee home to the family.

Game Details

  • Game Title: Beerd leaver
  • Genre: Indie
  • Platforms: Windows 7, 8, 10
  • Release Date: Dec 22, 2014
  • Game Modes: Single player
  • Franchise: Unavailable
  • Age Ratings: R (Ratings Pending)
  • Themes: Fighting
  • Player Perspectives: Third-Person

Beerd leaver Overview

Beerd leaver is all set to thrill the entire category with those innovative features and the thrilling gameplay it offers. It quickly became popular and gained 3604 number of followers on various social media platforms. New updates came on Aug 01, 2018 and active users got many interesting features with new updates.

This game did quite great in terms of ratings because 5596 number of users shared positive reviews on the Game Store. It has impressed thousands of players and therefore it has successfully maintained 92.41 average ratings out of 100. It will be pretty easy to download and install if you own a Windows 7, 8, 10 platform device.


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beerd leaver ss 2
beerd leaver ss 3
beerd leaver ss 4
beerd leaver ss 5

Switch to this action-packed game now if you wish to destroy the evil and emerge as a winner. 464 number of users play this game daily and they have voted for it on the Steam. 5631 participants agree that it is a great PC game with great features.

The studio tested this game rigorously to ensure it’s flawless and then launched it on Dec 22, 2014. Whether you are alone or with your friends, you can enjoy this game in Single player mode. High-quality graphics, great storyline, and an option to switch between Third-Person mode make it a great game to play.

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Game Info

  • Last Updated: Aug 01, 2018
  • Game Engines: Un-known
  • Ratings: 93.86 / 100
  • Rating Count: 5596 ratings
  • Total Ratings: by 5631 users
  • Avg Rating Count: 464+
  • Avg Rating: 92.41 out of 100
  • Followed by: 3604 users

It has the finest gameplay in comparison to other top-rated Indie based games. This Fighting themed game presents some unique objectives, which offer it a fresh appeal.

You won’t find any flaw in this game because regular users have rewarded with total ratings of 93.86 out of 100.

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