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Death of a Lich will give you hours of entertainment and you can download it right here and right now. They released this action-adventure game on Aug 24, 2015 to ensure the fans won’t wait anymore. It’s a top-performing Action game with features that no other game in this genre provides.

death of a lich

Death of a Lich Summary

a turn based rogue-like about
getting the drop on your enemies
learning to overcome their patterns
and a nifty little jump

made by daniel linssen (@managore)
for ludum dare 33

Game Details

  • Game Title: Death of a Lich
  • Genre: Action
  • Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac
  • Release Date: Aug 24, 2015
  • Game Modes: Multi-Player
  • Franchise: Unavailable
  • Age Ratings: R (Ratings Pending)
  • Themes: Simulation
  • Player Perspectives: Third-Person

Death of a Lich Overview

All the different levels in Death of a Lich feature a new challenge and you go through a unique journey to pass that level. It gained impressive reviews from 3386 users on the Game Store like Steam, Epic Games.

Switch to this game right now if you like to play games in the Multi-Player mode. It’s expected that this game’s average ratings will improve from 94.96 out of 100 because the studio is adding many interesting features with new updates.

The studio has designed this Third-Person game to be the most exciting and entertaining game Android users have every played. This game provides better features than other games in the Action genre. The users were facing some minor issues which the developers resolved with the last update on Jun 04, 2020.

It gained top ratings from 3289 number of users due to its impressive performance on all the devices. People were eagerly waiting for the launch of this game and the developers released it on Aug 24, 2015. You should play this feature-rich game if you are using a PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac platform device for which this game was built.

Download Death of a Lich PC

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Game Info

  • Last Updated: Jun 04, 2020
  • Game Engines: Not Available
  • Ratings: 95.61 / 100
  • Rating Count: 3289 ratings
  • Total Ratings: by 3386 users
  • Avg Rating Count: 453+
  • Avg Rating: 94.96 out of 100
  • Followed by: 3441 users

453 users rewarded this game with top ratings, which featured it as one of the most entertaining games. The users find it quite entertaining because this game is mainly based on the Simulation theme. This M-rated game does not disappoint you when it comes to action and thrill.

It outperforms competitive games in all the crucial areas and therefore it got 95.61 out of 100 total ratings. 3441 number of followers constantly praise this game on several social networking sites.

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