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Fighting Street has many rewards and download it now to reveal what those challenges are. It was released on Oct 06, 2009 for Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10 users. The players don’t find it too daunting to cross the levels because this Fighting was designed to be simple and entertaining.

fighting street

Fighting Street Summary

Deep inside you there lurks a warrior. Let him loose! And test him against the martial arts champions of 5 nations. Grit your teeth, pump up and take after Retsu and Geki from Japan. Most worthy opponents! But watch out for the baddest – Adon and Sagat, a couple of Thai’s. Mike and Joe (USA), Birdi and Eagle (UK), Lee and Gen (China) all have their own special “tricks.” Be quick and strong, or be gone!

Game Details

  • Game Title: Fighting Street
  • Genre: Fighting
  • Platforms: Wii
  • Release Date: Oct 06, 2009
  • Game Modes: Single Player
  • Franchise: Not Available
  • Age Ratings: R (Ratings Pending)
  • Themes: Fighting
  • Player Perspectives: Third-Person

Fighting Street Overview

Fighting Street provides the most exciting rewards without featuring any ad and that’s why players love this game. Whether you love to play a game in the Third-Person mode, this game will keep you glued to the screen. The published this game on Oct 06, 2009 with a unique plot and flawless gameplay.

Switch to this action-packed game now if you wish to destroy the evil and emerge as a winner. Play this Fighting themed game now because it will be quite entertaining and challenging to finish.


fighting street ss 1
fighting street ss 2
fighting street ss 3
fighting street ss 4
fighting street ss 5
fighting street ss 6
fighting street ss 7
fighting street ss 8

They call it the best game in this category because it got 91.59 out of 100 average ratings. All the 2663 participants have given above 4-star ratings to this impressive PC game. It currently works only on Wii platform devices, but it will soon be available on other popular gaming platforms.

It offers great Single Player gameplay with many in-game features that other games lack and that’s why it’s the best in its class! Players accept that the game has been improved a lot since it was last updated on Feb 08, 2018.

Download Fighting Street PC

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Game Info

  • Last Updated: Feb 08, 2018
  • Game Engines: Not Available
  • Ratings: 92.46 / 100
  • Rating Count: 2494 ratings
  • Total Ratings: by 2663 users
  • Avg Rating Count: 257+
  • Avg Rating: 91.59 out of 100
  • Followed by: 2091 users

It’s a top-rated Windows game and that’s why it has gained 2091 number of followers on different social networking sites. This PC game is quite entertaining and the users have offered it 92.46 out of 100 total ratings for such a great performance. Being a top-quality Windows PC game, it succeeded in gaining positive response from 2494 number of users.

257 number of users agree that it is the best game because they have voted for it on game stores. No other games in the Fighting genre offer as many missions as this game does and that’s why it’s the best.

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