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You chose the best place to download Metal Fighter now on your PC. Whether it is the gameplay, graphics quality, or other features, this game has beaten all the other games since it was launched on Sep 30, 1991. This Shooter category game offers a truly ad-free gaming experience without charging any penny.

metal fighter

Metal Fighter Summary

Returning from three centuries of intergalactic missions, MCS-920 is surprised by an alien-infested planet. Whatever few lifeforms survived were driven underground or transformed into battling bionic mutants. You must escape the tentacles of these mutants, seek out and destroy alien ships, then overpower grotesque alien guards to steal their fiendish and bizarre weapons. From barren landscapes and colorful coral reefs to abandoned and frozen cities, you will yet come face to face with the alien tyrant in each world!

Game Details

  • Game Title: Metal Fighter
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Platforms: Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
  • Release Date: Sep 30, 1991
  • Game Modes: Single Player
  • Franchise: Un-known
  • Age Ratings: R (Ratings Pending)
  • Themes: Action, Science fiction
  • Player Perspectives: First Person

Metal Fighter Overview

Players love to play Metal Fighter game time-and-again throughout the day because it provides the most exciting missions to complete. 3846 players have followed this game’s official handles on the most widely used social media platforms. The studio had launched this game initially for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) platforms, but now it works on all the popular gaming platforms.

It emerged as one of the best games in the Shooter genre and it may soon be recognized as the best in this category. It’s your time to prove that you can beat other mature players with your gameplay skills, so download it now! It got released on Sep 30, 1991 to provide gamers with action-packed gameplay and a memorable plot.

Although this game was performing pretty great, developers recently updated it on Aug 26, 2020 to make it more entertaining. This game’s ratings are getting better quite rapidly and 237 number of users already think it’s the best game. Being one of the most widely downloaded PC games, it has gotten 99.60 ratings out of 100.

This game is one of a kind because it is based on the Action, Science fiction theme and better than all the other games in its category. It’s a wonderful pc game and that’s why the users have rewarded it with average ratings of 96.26 out of 100. More then 5258 users gave 5-star ratings to this game and many others believe it’s the most entertaining game.

Download Metal Fighter PC

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Game Info

  • Last Updated: Aug 26, 2020
  • Game Engines: Un-known
  • Ratings: 99.60 / 100
  • Rating Count: 5258 ratings
  • Total Ratings: by 5389 users
  • Avg Rating Count: 237+
  • Avg Rating: 96.26 out of 100
  • Followed by: 3846 users

You get Single Player mode to test your solo and team gameplay skills.

Go to the Game Store reviews of this game and check all the reviews posted by 5389 participants. The developers have equipped this game with many exciting features, but it is only available in the First Person mode.

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