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Dig Dogs: Streetbusters will provide you with numerous rewards and each reward will come with a new challenge, so get it right now. Being the most entertaining PC game, it has reached the top spot in the Platform, Racing based game quite swiftly. The developers didn’t want to upset the fans and therefore they launched it on Feb 01, 1994.

dig dogs: streetbusters

Dig Dogs: Streetbusters Summary

It’s time for road safety education. Learn how to drive economic, save and in accordance to the (German) traffic regulations, while trying to reach a certain parking area of the city within 10 minutes. The game lets you tune your car to show what parts are useful economically and which are not. Besides searching for the fastest course while keeping to the regulations, the game incorporates a bunch of mini-games that are triggered when you violate certain rules or if some problem with your car appears (empty car battery, broken exhaust pipe, damaged body parts, etc.). The three dogs, that are referenced by the game’s title, give useful hints and explain the perils and quirks in road traffic quite well. The mini-games include a jigsaw puzzle , as well as a Tetris variation, a reaction test and few more.

Game Details

  • Game Title: Dig Dogs: Streetbusters
  • Genre: Platform, Racing
  • Platforms: PC (Microsoft Windows), PC DOS
  • Release Date: Feb 01, 1994
  • Game Modes: Multiplayer
  • Franchise: Not Available
  • Age Ratings: R (Ratings Pending)
  • Themes: Simulation
  • Player Perspectives: First Person

Dig Dogs: Streetbusters Overview

You must download and play Dig Dogs: Streetbusters game to assess how entertaining it truly is because no written words can describe its remarkable features. You can try First Person mode and choose whatever mode you like to perform better and win the battle. The game started operating exceptionally well since Sep 14, 2018 because new updates were launched on this day.

This game is not for kids and teens because only mature guys can handle that suspense and actions it features on the screen. Check this game’s reviews on the game store to find out why 2800 participants believe it’s an amazing Windows PC game. Whether you are alone or with your friends, you can enjoy this game in Multiplayer mode.

It is not easy for a windows based game to get 96.23 average ratings out of 100, but this game got such ratings for its impressive performance. Being one of the most impressive games, it is based on Simulation theme.

It will be pretty easy to download and install if you own a PC (Microsoft Windows), PC DOS platform device. It was launched on Feb 01, 1994 and thousands of people had downloaded it within the next 3 days. No other games in the Platform, Racing genre offer as many missions as this game does and that’s why it’s the best.

Download Dig Dogs: Streetbusters PC

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Game Info

  • Last Updated: Sep 14, 2018
  • Game Engines: Not Available
  • Ratings: 98.84 / 100
  • Rating Count: 2761 ratings
  • Total Ratings: by 2800 users
  • Avg Rating Count: 333+
  • Avg Rating: 96.23 out of 100
  • Followed by: 2357 users

This game got 2357 number of followers on social media sites and many new people are following it every day. Its average ratings have improved a lot because 333 number of users offered it top ratings recently. 2761 users have rated for this game till the date and many users may come up in its support.

Download and play this wonderful game now because it gained 98.84 out of 100 total ratings within such a short span.

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